Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Wild about flowers at Nomadic Tara

I'm wild about flowers, and so, here is the latest range from Nomadic Tara, plus some goodies in production which I hope to have in the store by the end of the week:

Orange Messenger Bag - $35
 Orange Messenger Bag (detail)
 Floral Doily Messenger Bag - $35
 Floral Doily Messenger Bag (detail)
 Yellow Sunshine Messenger Bag - $35
 Purple Doily Messenger Bag - **Sold**
 Here's some in production - ready to be sewn:

I must go, there are bags to be sewn.... and I figure the elves won't do it...



  1. Production line looks fantastic! The bags are really pretty, Anne

  2. Thanks Anne! I hope you enjoy the one coming your way :0)
    I've really enjoyed the whole process of setting up shop and having a creative outlet.


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