Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mustard and Inspiration

Hello out there

Today's post brings you mustard and my No.1 (crafting) inspiration source. 

Mustard, because this is what Nomadic Tara the crafter came up with today for her Etsy shop:
It's made from a vintage woollen tablecloth and a 1970's vintage curtain.  The whole thing just screams "take me to Woodstock".  Shame that was a once-er.  Still, I'm sure this tote would appreciate many a good outing.

The sun refused to come out today for photographs, so Mustard Tote was photographed in the cloudy gloom but the lemon tree seems to make everything seem bright and happy.

Which brings me to my No.1 Inspiration source (for crafting).  Of course, my inspiration came whilst travelling (to Bali - we were there again a few weeks ago).  We were in Ubud, a small town in the centre of the island.  There is a cafe there called the Art Kafe.

The Art Kafe is decorated in a cottage chic meets world traveller kind of style.  It's divine.  It combines my love of "the road", soft pastel colours, granny chic, feminine touches and all in an indoor/outdoor setting.  We've had many a great evening there, sometimes they have live music, often times world music comes gently through the cafe speakers of a candlelit evening.  Ohhh I'm drifting again....

Right, here are some pics of the Art Kafe taken on our last trip - it inspires my creations for my little store.

Just love the crochet blanket with the indian toran (wall hanging) behind:
I spy Mr Tara...
purple pom poms could never go amiss...
giant dream catchers in pastel hues and a beautiful mis-matched floor...
Ahhhhh..... so there you have it, my No.1 go-to place for granny chic meets global wanderer.

Hope you are all having a nice Wednesday :0)


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Diamonds and Sparkly Elephants

Today's snippet from my world is all about colour (which is in contrast to the dull grey day here in Melbourne).   Of course my mind wanders all over the place on days like this, anything to not notice the pelting rain and wintery weather which is upon us.

Firstly, there were diamonds in my garden...
plus a lawn full of diamonds....

which I guess is nature's way of saying, sorry for the rain, but here's something pleasing for the eye.  With my new found freedom, I notice these things.

Another goodie, was that Mr Tara and I once again found ourselves going through photos on the computer looking back at our travels.  We came across a couple of long lost photographs of India that made us smile.  No wonder we are never bored there with our senses on overload, our eyes constantly celebrating the world in vivid colour.

So, if I may, let me colour your world today with this lot:

The worlds grandest pile of marigolds in Madurai, India:

The Sparkly Elephant Festival (not sure that was the "official" title) in Varkala, India:

so dressed up.... I think its the Elephant equivalent of donning a suit...

I could go on with this

and on...

but I'll leave you here, until next time....


Friday, 25 May 2012


It's cold and wet in Melbourne today.  Listening to the rain somehow encourages a bit of daydreaming and as I sat at Nomadic Tara's work desk thinking of new designs for a yellow bag my mind drifted somehow to little hangings....

Next thing I'm fishing around for some blue fabric and come up with this:
Clearly today is a good day for daydreaming.  I resisted the temptation to hang this at my desk, and instead put it in my little shop for some other wistful daydreamer out there to treasure.

Right, time to focus and get on with the day.  Happy Friday everyone :o) 


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Take time to smell the roses..... I think this means "pause" for a bit.

Sounds like a good idea to me, so I went outside to give it a go.  Only thing is its getting on to winter and my roses are all looking a bit sad.  So, not to be discouraged, I took a wander and this is what I Tibetan prayer flags looking nice against the sunny sky...

and then this one all tangled up...
It was tempting while out in the garden on this sunny morning to pull some weeds and pick up the autumn leaves, but I could get lost out there mucking about and the day would vanish.  It is time to start my work day back at Nomadic Tara's little shop.

Today I have this line up of flags awaiting their button embellishments:
and this stack of yellowey retro-ness that I found at the thrift store all washed and pressed, awaiting to be made into tote bags and aprons:
Hope your day is going well - take time to pause and smell the roses (or whatever equals roses in your world).


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Welcome to Nomadic Tara

Hello World!

It's time I ventured into the art of blogging.  I do after all, have things to say to the world since I started my own business (in a desperate attempt to avoid the rat race!). 

I'm looking forward to creating a happy place filled with all the things that inspire me, make me smile and hopefully make you smile too. 

I'll start with a photo of a tap. 

Strange start you might say - but my loyal travelling companion and expert photographer (lets call him "Mr Tara") sees the world through happy eyes, and helping out with my first photo shoot for Nomadic Tara's little Etsy store, he took this practice shot of our humble garden tap.  Never has our tap looked so idyllic...

His photography during our travels has always inspired me and I hope to feature some of his amazing portraits (he's a fan of wrinkly faced mountain folk) on Nomadic Tara's blog soon. 

Right, I must sign off now.... Nomadic Tara (on Etsy) needs new stock and since I am her, I'd better get cracking... turn the creative tap on as it were...