Monday, 23 July 2012

My Henna designs on cards!

A few people have asked me when I am going to make my henna art available for sale.... so this has become my latest project.  I've been doing ink drawings for a couple of years now, usually as a way to design patterns for doing henna painting.

I spent many an hour pondering how to present these to the world.  Normally I apply henna on people's skin, then they walk away with my art on their skin to keep for a week or two until it washes off. 

Now I wanted a more permanent medium, it was becoming all too technical for my "artistic" brain.  So, with the help of some clever chaps (Mike for the scanning, and Mr Tara for the printing side of things), here it is....  First up - a set of 4 Henna Cards... available for purchase here

The pack of 4 cards (with envelopes) consists of:
1 x left facing Peacock
1 x right facing Peacock
1 x paisley flower design
1 x Tibetan OM

The two Peacock designs are ones I have just completed.  The paisley flower design I did in Bali two years ago. 

The Tibetan "OM" one, I did when I went to visit friends in Tibet in July 2010.   I did the picture while we were on the road (backpacking).  We took photocopies of the design at a chinese photocopy shop and gave them out to our Tibetan friends as presents.  It's my only attempt at writing the Tibetan script - which although beautiful, is like hieroglyphics to me!  The OM sign though, is one I always recognise.  There is a copy of this attached to a mud brick stove in a nomad hut - seriously one of the highlights of my life when I saw them put it up.

The prints I am now selling, are not photocopied... oh no, I've gone all posh and had them scanned, then printed on Epsom Heavyweight Matte photo paper and I'm really pleased with the result.

I'm also going to be selling individual 5 x 7 prints which can be put in a picture frame - I have them printed, I just need to cut them to size and upload them to my Etsy store.

I must dash, there are many things to be done in Nomadic Tara's workshop today.  Where are those elves when I need them???


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