Friday, 6 July 2012

Tribal Friday

It's Tribal Friday here at Nomadic Tara.  Please ignore the date of this post (above) because here in Australia it's Friday....but my blog headquarters is obviously located somewhere in the northern hemisphere ...and according to them, its still Thursday.

Today being Tribal Friday, I've put together a little collection of some of my tribal jewellery.  The thing I like about tribal attire, is the more the merrier... I pile it on with wild abandon, then can be heard jingle jangling as I potter about my day.  I like imagining how life would be as an Afghani cattle herder, or an Indian princess, or indeed, a bohemian dreamer from the suburbs of Melbourne...oh wait....

On that note, I give you Nomadic Tara's Tribal Friday offering...
Indian, Afghani and Tibetan pieces...
 Some lobe stretching earrings - well worth the pain!
My absolute favourite earrings - a gift from Mr Tara at the completion of a 17 day trek in Nepal.  He produced them from his pocket at dinner wrapped in a little pink cloth bag.  These earrings are Tibetan in origin and were traded in the Dolpo region near Mustang (in Nepal).  I often wonder who wore them before me, perhaps some Tibetan sister from high in the mountains.  I really am a dreamer... I'll stop now.
An Indian hand piece draped over two bangles - the silver bangle on the left was bought with my first ever earnings as a henna artist about 3 years ago.  A Kuchi earrring hangs on the drawer - these are supported by a chain which attaches into the hair - the earrings are too heavy to hang solely from your lobes.
An Indian patchwork cushion sits beside a Thai hilltribe hat inside a Tibetan offering bowl.  Indian earrings, an Indian disc ring and an Afghani ring inlaid with red resin and arabic script...
Happy Friday everyone! 


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