Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Diamonds and Sparkly Elephants

Today's snippet from my world is all about colour (which is in contrast to the dull grey day here in Melbourne).   Of course my mind wanders all over the place on days like this, anything to not notice the pelting rain and wintery weather which is upon us.

Firstly, there were diamonds in my garden...
plus a lawn full of diamonds....

which I guess is nature's way of saying, sorry for the rain, but here's something pleasing for the eye.  With my new found freedom, I notice these things.

Another goodie, was that Mr Tara and I once again found ourselves going through photos on the computer looking back at our travels.  We came across a couple of long lost photographs of India that made us smile.  No wonder we are never bored there with our senses on overload, our eyes constantly celebrating the world in vivid colour.

So, if I may, let me colour your world today with this lot:

The worlds grandest pile of marigolds in Madurai, India:

The Sparkly Elephant Festival (not sure that was the "official" title) in Varkala, India:

so dressed up.... I think its the Elephant equivalent of donning a suit...

I could go on with this

and on...

but I'll leave you here, until next time....


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