Thursday, 24 May 2012

Take time to smell the roses..... I think this means "pause" for a bit.

Sounds like a good idea to me, so I went outside to give it a go.  Only thing is its getting on to winter and my roses are all looking a bit sad.  So, not to be discouraged, I took a wander and this is what I Tibetan prayer flags looking nice against the sunny sky...

and then this one all tangled up...
It was tempting while out in the garden on this sunny morning to pull some weeds and pick up the autumn leaves, but I could get lost out there mucking about and the day would vanish.  It is time to start my work day back at Nomadic Tara's little shop.

Today I have this line up of flags awaiting their button embellishments:
and this stack of yellowey retro-ness that I found at the thrift store all washed and pressed, awaiting to be made into tote bags and aprons:
Hope your day is going well - take time to pause and smell the roses (or whatever equals roses in your world).


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