Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Welcome to Nomadic Tara

Hello World!

It's time I ventured into the art of blogging.  I do after all, have things to say to the world since I started my own business (in a desperate attempt to avoid the rat race!). 

I'm looking forward to creating a happy place filled with all the things that inspire me, make me smile and hopefully make you smile too. 

I'll start with a photo of a tap. 

Strange start you might say - but my loyal travelling companion and expert photographer (lets call him "Mr Tara") sees the world through happy eyes, and helping out with my first photo shoot for Nomadic Tara's little Etsy store, he took this practice shot of our humble garden tap.  Never has our tap looked so idyllic...

His photography during our travels has always inspired me and I hope to feature some of his amazing portraits (he's a fan of wrinkly faced mountain folk) on Nomadic Tara's blog soon. 

Right, I must sign off now.... Nomadic Tara (on Etsy) needs new stock and since I am her, I'd better get cracking... turn the creative tap on as it were...


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  1. Hello Tara
    Leaving the rat race sounds idyllic
    I love Mr Tara's photo
    Good luck x


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