Monday, 6 August 2012

Peacock paradise...

Hello there

This weekend Mr Tara and I visited an artist colony in Melbourne called Montsalvat.  Mr Tara was there to visit the Guitar making workshop (he will be taking a course there in October).  I was along for the ride with the hope of seeing Peacocks.

Oh my...  I was not disappointed... look what I found...
Be prepared for many peacock pictures (I took about 80 photos when this one started shaking his tail feathers at me) 
 An impressive back end I must say...
I was the only one around.... Mr Tara was in the guitar workshop and missed the lot (oh no!).  Since he will be back here in October for his course, I am sure he will get to see the peacocks doing their thing.
This one was so gentle and was right beside me.  When he turned around his feathers brushed my coat...

Bird perfection...

Such beautiful feathers... the guitar man told me that they drop all their big feathers every January and then grow new ones.  I think I might hang out here in January collecting dropped feathers!
This one is looking at the chickens all cooped up
Beautiful and proud
Ok, I'll stop with the peacocks, Montsalvat has other things besides peacocks...
I love these old mud brick buildings - these house the various artists and their studios

Whitewashed mud brick

 I would like a rustic front door like this...

 A woodworking workshop...Mr Tara was quite taken with this one...
 I loved that everywhere at Montsalvat there are hand-made things - so much artistic flair...
 Plus some rather stunning grounds
So that was our day at Montsalvat.  What an inspiring place.  Hold on, I could probably squeeze one more peacock photo in here...
I hope your Monday is going well.



  1. wow!! beautiful photos!! and i learned something new ... i didn't know they "drop" their feathers, i mean as in a mass-drop :) that's pretty cool to know cos each time in the past, when i would use a peacock feather i cringe at the thought of it being ... well, "extracted" by someone! silly me!!
    very taken by the old structures and all the aged beauty you captured. what an absolutely inspiring place to be!!

    1. Hi Luthien,
      I never knew they lost their feathers every year either. So amazing that nature can then grow them all back so quickly! I'm glad you liked my post and it was lovely to hear from you. Btw, your creations on Etsy are so wonderful (which is how I found your blog).



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