Thursday, 2 August 2012

Teal Serendipity...

Well hello!

Today's post is all about dyeing your own doilies... no wait!  This is no time to yawn and click away... oh no, this is the time to be amazed at how a bunch of regular brown and cream doilies became purple and teal beauties!!  Plus there are a couple of nice (in theme) postcards at the end.

First up, I got hold of two packets of dye...
 and my pile of chosen doilies...
I wanted purple and blue dye, but alas the shop was out of "blue", so I settled for "teal", not really knowing what that would turn out like.  Oh how happy I was with the teal results!!!  A lovely instance of serendipity.

This is the process which I followed - I do recommend rubber gloves as my fingers turned purple, then I put on the gloves (obviously not the correct order!)...

Plus I would use metal tongs because now I have a pink wooden fork and a blue wooden spoon...

Then on to the drying rack (and this is only a portion of them).  I went a bit nutso with the dye and went back and did another batch of teal...

Here they are finished...
  So many different shades in one batch!

That's probably enough doily photos for one day (although I could go a couple more).  Expect a whole lot of teal and purple goodies arriving on the shelves of my little store soon!

Carrying on with the teal and purple theme, here are a couple of postcards from my collection.  Dr Seuss knew a thing or two...
I like Indian postcards the best - they are always so colourful and the deities are just wonderful.  The back of this one reads "Krishna with his eternal consort, Radha".  How lovely!
I'm off out now to buy myself a new wooden spoon - chances are if I use the blue one for food I will either poison us, or have a case of Bridget Jones blue soup.  I can see now how that would happen...

Until next time



  1. Hey Tara,

    How awesome do the dollies look? I dyed my wedding shoes with that same teal dye!!!!

    Have sewn the top of my quilt and am going today to buy the batting so i can start to hand quilt it all together!

    Hope your having a good day xxx

    1. Hi Katie,

      The quilt is coming along nicely - I'd love to see pics once its finished.

      I want to dye everything Teal! I didn't know you could use it on shoes...

      Hope you are enjoying this lovely sunshine we are having today :)


  2. Mr & Mrs SlugAugust 02, 2012 1:57 pm

    Doily-tastic..... I'm in for some blue soup though yum!!!

    1. Hey Slug!

      I used it to make tomato sauce for some pasta by mistake and then we were so aghast that we were eating dye we threw the spoon out! Now we have a new one. Only tongs (I can just imagine you saying that)from now on in the dye pot.



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