Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hello Parrots...

It's parrot season once again in our back yard.  The figs are ripe on the tree and every year at this time, our tree fills up with colourful parrots who feast on an all day buffet of ripe figs. 

Much to my delight, they are too busy dealing with the fig surplus that they don't notice me prancing about beneath the tree snapping pics of them.

They are so pretty!
This little fella rocks to his own tune...

Fig head...

I wonder if they have to flap harder to fly with a belly full o' figs?

There are so many figs - enough for us, the neighbours, our fig loving friends and the birds.  Our neighbour is mystified that we don't net the tree to keep the birds away.  There is no way I could do this - firstly I wouldn't want to miss this spectacle every year, and secondly, I'm not sure we could eat 500 figs** on our own...!

**an unscientific estimation based on the fact that there are lots.

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