Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Nomadic Tara Henna Event...

Well here's an exciting event in Nomadic Tara's calendar....
Henna at Ishka Chadstone with  Tara & Shannon!

Shannon and I are getting together (with our bindi's on and our henna cones poised) to paint flowers on the public at Ishka Chadstone, next Wednesday 12th September.  This event is part of Chadstone Shopping Centre's VIP shopping night.

When:  Wednesday 12th September
Where: Ishka - Chadstone Shopping Centre
Time: 6pm - 9pm

We've done this event before and its always lots of fun.  Come along and take advantage of the whole Shopping Centre being on sale.

Here are some pics from a henna event we did at Ishka in 2009 to get you in the henna mood...
 Shannon poised...
 Tara poised...

If you are in Melbourne, pop on by to say hi... we'd love to see you!

Tara & Shannon


  1. Tara I'm loving the poised henna shots, lol.
    So exciting can't wait to henna again.

    1. Dripz poised..... Business cards at the ready :0)


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